This is the equipment we have used or using now.  If you are thinking about metal detecting as a hobby.  I started with the Garrett 150 because it is a great beginners model, it is very basic and a good way to learn the fundamentals of metal detecting.  I upgraded to the AT Pro a couple of years later.  The AT Pro is a great model because of the way you can discriminate targets to help eliminate finding junk.  Currently I use the AT MAX and that is definitely a coin finder.  If you have any questions about the detectors listed here do not hesitate to contact us. Happy Hunting!

これらが 私達が現在、使用している道具です、私は最初にGarrett150を使いました、初心者用で基本を学ぶことができました。数年後にAT Proにアップグレードしました、AT Proは 見つけるものを区別してくれる項目が多いことです。 最近では主にAT MAXを使用しています、AP Pro よりも深いとこまで探知しますし、探知能力が強いです。金属探知機についてのご質問等はいつでもご連絡下さい。ハッピーハンティング!


Garrett 150 Metal Detector

Garrett AT Max Metal Detector Package


511 Tactical Pants

Apex Metal Detector Package

Garrett Pro Pinpointer


Garrett AT Pro Package

Garrett Edge Digger

Japan Treasure Hunters Original T-Shirt

Japan Treasure Hunters Long Sleeve

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Sony a6400 Camera Package

DJ2 Mavic 2 Air Quadcopter

Zhiyun Crane Gimbal

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