The Last Shogun’s Treasure is a

movie script written by JTH.

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Japan Treasure Hunters 


I have watched many metal detecting videos and one thing I noticed was there was a few people doing detecting in Japan.  So November of 2017, I decided to create my youtube channel Japan Treasure Hunters document my adventures.  Like the home page says treasure means different things to different people.  I am one of those that believe just being here in this incredible country is a treasure. To me, it is not about gold, silver, money or that elusive artifact but the journey of discovery is the ultimate treasure.


私は多くの金属探知ビデオを見てきましたが、日本で探知をしている人が数人いたことに気づきました。 そこで、2017年11月に、自分の冒険を記録したYouTubeチャンネルJapan TreasureHuntersを作成することにしました。 ホームページが言うように、宝は人によって異なることを意味します。 私はこの素晴らしい国にいるだけで宝物だと信じている人の一人です。 私にとって、それは金、銀、お金、またはそのとらえどころのないアーティファクトについてではありませんが、発見の旅は究極の宝物です。




JTH Team

Jonathan Lucas Metal Detector Enthusiast

I am retired Navy and have been living in Japan for almost 20 years. Japan is amazing, the people, the food and the culture make this experience a memory I can never forget. I am also the host of Japan Treasure Hunters on Youtube. So come join the adventure and click the button below.

Robert Paske Metal Detecting Enthusiast

Currently found of Tokyo Saber Guild, writer and metal detecting enthusiast. Even though I have just started this fantastic hobby, I have seen more of Japan than I ever have. So much fun.

Josh Fries Camera and Drone Enthusiast

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m one of the team’s videographers and its primary photographer. I shoot a lot of the footage and stills you see on the channel in Japan. Working with Jon and JTH is a lot of fun and getting to travel around and practice my hobby is wonderful. JTH has given me a chance to learn shooting video, both on the ground and in the air, and I’ve been able to have fun learning on the various excursions. I’m from Kentucky, originally, and have been in Japan for quite a while teaching.

Jeff Connell Camera, Technical and Drone

Long time resident in Japan, Currently is the camera and technical guy for JTH. Also, he is the creator of Our Universe Youtube Channel linked below, hit that button to check it out!